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Board of Directors

Meet the Red Dress Party PDX board of directors. Our board is 100% volunteer-based. They roll up their sleeves and get a little (sometimes more than a little) dirty and sticky to make this party happen!

Rhonda Henderson, Board President & Volunteer Coordinator

Rhonda works in IT, but her real passion lies in the creativity and organization of the annual Red Dress Party. She has volunteered with Red Dress PDX since 2014’s Red Wedding, and quickly earned the respect of the board. She served as lead volunteer coordinator for the 2015 Red Top party and was elected to the board that year. In 2017 the role of Vice President was added to her role of Cat Herder... err Volunteer Coordinator. She’s kicking butt, taking names and making the red magic happen!

Rochelle Miller, Board Vice President & Marketing Director

Rochelle’s day job keeps her busy in the marketing world, but after hours she loves to use those skills for a good cause. She began going to Red Dress PDX in 2015 and was voted onto the board in 2017. Her background in marketing, public relations and event planning allows her to help with the planning and promotions of the Red Dress party. Armed with cute heels and lipstick, she’s ready to take on the world!

Sheniqua Volt, Board Member

Sheniqua is a local Drag Queen, a pageant winner and hostess at several local clubs, spanning even to Las Vegas. Her work gives her a unique perspective in the community. She has volunteered with Red Dress for many years and joined the board in 2022. 

Chris Straube, Board Member

Chris has worked in IT for "Longer than he cares to admit." Red Dress helped him find his place in the queer community for the first time. He started volunteering at the Walking Red party in 2016 and immediately felt welcomed by the directors, committee members, and volunteers. He still thinks of himself as the Red Dress "materials retrieval specialist," the first member of the go gitty committee. He brings technical and audio skills to the table, as well as food for hungry volunteers, all while towering over everyone in 4-inch heels.

Barbara Buss, Board Member

Barbara has volunteered for Red Dress for several years and has recently joined the board. Barbara brings with her a trauma informed lens, inclusivity focus and she is a natural mother hen sharing her love with everyone as she knows love knows no bounds. Love is a gift that all deserve.

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