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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked often!

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Do I have to wear a dress?


Yes! All party goers - regardless of age, gender identity or sexual orientation  -  are REQUIRED to wear a red dress, or a dress-like garment/outfit. However, we understand that a traditional dress is not for everyone and as an organization that is all-inclusive, we would like to offer some compromises. Two-piece garments are acceptable (e.g. a skirt or kilt and top), but the entire ensemble must be more than 75% red. Feel free to wear something under your outfit if that makes you more comfortable, but the entire "dress" must meet those criteria.

Still not into it? Sign up for a volunteer shift the night of the party and you can wear black pants and a volunteer shirt (provided). You may enjoy the party before/after your shift, but you must be in the required dress or volunteer clothing.

Why is a red dress required?
When this organization started, the focus was on people living with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS. The red dress serves as a way to level the playing field and join us in solidarity. It's a symbol of support and compassion. As the party has grown, we've taken on other local causes, but HIV/AIDs is still one of our major focuses. When everyone comes in a red dress it no longer matters who you are, how you identify, etc. just that we are all there to support our community. 
Do I have to come in drag?
No, not at all! Feel free to if you'd like, but it isn't required. Red Dress Party PDX is not necissarily a drag party, but you will likely see a few drag queens living it up at the event!
Does the board of directors really donate all the proceeds?
Yes! We do need to save a little to prepare for the early costs of throwing the next year's party, but aside from the cost of the event, all proceeds are donated to beneficiaries.
Is this a national event? Is Red Dress Party PDX related to other cities' parties?
Many organizations around the country have similar names, but there isn't one national Red Dress organization. We are locally run and donate to local beneficiaries. However, we do communicate with, and occassionally parter with, other Red Dress party organizations.
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